FootInn II
FootInn II

FootInn II

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With refreshing roll and air pressure massages, the FootInn II ensures comprehensive relaxation of the foot muscles and foot reflex zones. The new heel massage also offers heel acupressure to extend the beneficial massage effect to the entire foot area.

We spend most of the day walking, running and standing. During this time, the stress on the feet is extremely high. To free them from the effects of these efforts, they are given a short stay at FootInn II . The foot massager fulfills the purpose of a small wellness holiday only for the feet, where they can be worked on comfortably and can thus regain their old form.

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Footinn II - Foot Reflex Zone Massager


A great advantage of the FootInn II Foot Massager is not only the targeted revitalization of the feet but also the massage of the Foot Reflex Zones, which has a positive effect on the well-being of the entire body. This results in the stimulation of the nerve endings that reach down to the soles of the feet, creating a beneficial effect elsewhere on the body. Thus, the FootInn II gives the feet as well as many other areas of the body a wonderful wellness feeling.

The FootInn II Foot Massager is shaped so that the feet are particularly comfortable in the foot sockets. In addition to the velvety soft inner lining, there are swelling and decongesting airbags to massage the foot and calf area with air pressure. The pumping movements generate muscle reflexes, which has a similar effect to acupressure. There are also special Foot Rollers in the FootInn II , which have a particularly stimulating effect on the foot reflex zones.



Reflexology has the advantage over an all-body massage due to the fact that there are approx. 7,000 nerve endings in each feet. The more we care about the vitality of our feet, the better it is for our body.

Careful massages of the foot reflex zones can stimulate metabolism and blood circulation among other things, stimulate digestion and support the self-healing process of the body.

> Foot relax massage, relaxes the feet muscles, has a harmonizing effect on multiple body organs.

> Rotating vibration massage activates lymphatic drainage and circulation.

> Heating function relaxes with a deep effect.




The stimulation of the foot reflex zones affects the different organs in the body. The link gives you a detailed view of which area of ​​the foot is connected to which internal organs.


Massage Techniques & Functions


Product : FootInn II
Dimensions : 36.5 x 35 x 18 cm
Weight : 2.9 kg
Voltage: Input : AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, 800 mA ; Output: DC 12V, 2000mA
Nominal Power : 24 watts Runtime : 15 minutes
Certified By :Casada Product Certification 2


Operating Instructions >>> FootInn II

19 reviews for FootInn II

  1. Stephen

    A very relaxing effective foot massage. Much quieter than others we have owned

  2. Wayne

    So far so good. If it makes my eyes roll it’s doing the job

  3. Martin B

    Matthew did the demonstration so well and was very knowledgeable I had to buy these products, I felt so relaxed afterwards.

  4. Samina K

    Mathew was great in letting me demonstrate both items in store today it instantly gave me relief I suffer from neck pain and heal pain I look forward to using my new products!

  5. Andrew B

    Absolutely amazing love it

  6. Kristian M


  7. John M

    Excellent product. Really helps relax my feet and lower legs

  8. Abdul R

    Very good product

  9. Abitha R


  10. Katherine Ann G

    Excellent rapport with sales person. Very in depth tutorial. Helping my feet gratefully

  11. Marco R

    Great product

  12. Sayiad H


  13. Nauman C


  14. Erjon K

    It’s great.

  15. KHALED H

    Useful and relaxing

  16. Falah A

    So relaxing

  17. Asalah N

    Great item

  18. John S

    Brilliant product, it’s helped me relax and relieve pain

  19. Sarah C

    Great demonstration and amazed at the effectiveness

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