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PowerBoard ReflexPad


With the PowerBoard ReflexPad, your PowerBoard fitness plate can be converted into an effective foot massager. In combination with the vibration, its special surface has a positive influence on the reflex points of the soles of your feet.

The Reflex Pad has a special surface, the structure of which has been designed in such a way that it has a positive effect on the reflex zones of your feet when the board is activated. The ReflexPad has a similar effect on the thighs and buttocks when you use it while sitting.



The PowerBoard 2.1 and PowerBoard 3.0 are first-class training devices that help you to stay fit and active. But after a long training session you want to take a short break. You can use  PowerBoard ReflexPad  rejuvenate effectively during the breaks between strenuous training sessions.

The Design structure of Pad is unique . It has a special surface to bring a positive effect on the Foot Reflex Zones when you activate the vibration board. The ReflexPad has a similar effect on the thighs and buttocks when you use it while sitting.


As soon as you want to start the massage, place the ReflexPad on the rubberized surface of the PowerBoard. For more grip, you can attach the pad to the board using the four rubber bands. The arrangement of the rubber knobs gives a pleasant and relaxing massage to the foot reflex zones in sync with the vibrations of the board.

This form of massage relieves muscle tension and stimulates entire nerve paths. This not only benefits the feet and legs, but the entire body. In addition, it stimulates the body’s self-healing powers  and the recovery begins immediately. If the ReflexPad is applied to the buttocks and thighs, the massage helps to increase blood circulation.

Reward yourself after a long training session and use the PowerBoard ReflexPad to relax and regenerate your body.


Device :  PowerBoard ReflexPad
Product Dimension :  92 x 35 cm
Weight :  1.13 kg
Carton Size : 40 x 15 x 15 cm
Certified By: Casada certificates


Operating Instructions >>> ReflexPad for PowerBoard


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