Customer Reviews

Especially in the Covid era I have been able to benefit from Casada Home-Gym & Fitness products since 2020. I decided to start bodybuilding. Thanks to Casada, I was able to further develop my body even without a gym.
Janine M.R. - Customer
The Maxiwell cushion is really close to a hands-on massage. It basically does the same movement as I do with my fingers when I give people a massage. The Maxiwell is a great product, and after the massage, you feel more relaxed and less stressed, you’re in a better mood and more energised.
Sarah Baechi - Head Physiotherapist British Athletes Olympics 2012
The Maxiwell massage cushion, I found to be an extremely convenient, effective, adaptable, and portable way of massage being performed. It is very easy to use, instantly available and ingeniously you can plug it into your car cigarette lighter to use whilst driving! The nodules perform firm effective rotary movements similar to those used during a hand massage (and never tire!) The cushion can be placed anywhere you choose and the pressure depth can be adapted by the user. It is small, light, and non- bulky enough to carry around with you Its like having your own personal masseur wherever you go!
Catherine France - Chiropractor
I only received my vibrational power plate a few days ago and already I am, hooked! After just a few minutes of exercising, I am sweating and I feel amazing! It releases endorphins so easily you can’t help but feel so good so quickly. I can do a workout in half the time and when it’s bad weather outside I am indoors on my plate buzzing!!!! Thank you, Casada- you are truly amazing!
Luisa Bradshaw White - Actress
I visited your stand at Olympia as it looks so appealing those seats with your Maxiwell massagers on them. After an exhausting day looking for beauty products for my business my back needed a rub, and wow, after 10 min I had a new relaxed back. I and my sister did a bit more walking around but soon returned to have another go! If you are ever in a dilemma on getting one of these just look at it as a couple of back massagers in a salon. Hence we decided to buy the Maxiwell back massager.
Nicky Gregory - Owner , Pamper Me At Home
Being an event rider I do suffer from work-related back pain, tightness/stiffness, and I need regular physiotherapy. At Olympia, I spoke to two very helpful girls on your stand and I spent a while using the Maxiwell massage cushion. I have to say that as a result of this I had the best night's sleep and I have ridden the horses this morning and have felt incredibly supple and pain-free for the first time in a long time. I do believe that this is an excellent piece of kit and invaluable to any athlete. The fact that it is mobile and it can be taken for use at competitions is excellent and there is also the option to use the Tappymed on your horse as well. I have had great results from using the cushion in a very short space of time and I know that it will become an integral part of my kit.
Lottie Goldstone - International Event Rider
As a Para Dressage rider at the International level, I was looking for something to help me warm up my muscles before riding and generally help keep me as mobile and fit as possible. I am paralysed following a catastrophic road traffic accident and suffer from back, neck pain, stiffness, and bad circulation. I tried the Maxiwell Jade massage cushion and found it had enormous benefits. I have regular physiotherapy but now don’t need to go as frequently because my Maxiwell Jade massage cushion keeps on top of everything and maintains my movement and flexibility. Getting up in the morning is so much easier! I can use it at home, in the car before training after my 2-hour drive to where my horses and trainer are and on the way to competitions in the horsebox. It can literally go everywhere with me! Since using the Maxiwell I feel so much better.
Susanna Wade - International Para Dressage
I tried a massage cushion from another brand which I considered for a moment until I encountered the Maxiwell Jade when the Casada promotion team was in Stratford Shopping Mall. It is fair to say there is no comparison, I have been looking for something for a while as I sit down a lot in my job, the Maxiwell is so versatile that I can even do my feet while sitting at my desk, it is just awesome! The other added benefit is while at home I can let it all hang out and relax in the privacy of my bedroom, especially at that special time of the month. I do not need to worry about the masseur's reaction to my wobbly knobbly bits. My back shoulders and calves feel much more relaxed and I feel more energised. I was reading about the benefits of massage and reflexology and they are amazing, but even more amazing is the fact that I have the advantage of both of these every day in my home and at the office, and believe me I take full advantage when my colleagues give it back (they get theirs next week). Do not hesitate just buy it, what a bargain !!!
Yvonne Weekes - Civil Servant
I would like to thank Gavin who is your representative for your Company Casada, the service which I and my sister received from Gavin and the team at Olympia was second to none. I purchased a Maxiwell Cushion which I am over the moon with, easy to use, and very effective. Thank you very much and keep up the good work, I will be recommending the Maxiwell to family and friends.
Debbie Locke - Customer
I bought the Maxiwell at the Ideal Home Show Exhibition. Since then, I use it every day for both my back and feet. When I’m exhausted from work, I put it on my neck and it takes always all that stress and tiredness. Since I started using it my back has healed tremendously. It’s a great product!
Pauline Roberts - Customer
I was in severe pain the day I saw the massage cushion demonstrated at a shopping center. I wasn’t sure it could really help me but after trying it out, I was convinced it could. I bought it and showed it to my chiropractor and he too was impressed. For the last year, the Maxiwell has helped me a lot and relieved a lot of the pain.
J. Raval - Customer
I have bought the Maxiwell massager last week and tried it as soon as I got home. WOW. This is a truly fantastic product and it has a lot of great benefits. I have enjoyed this product so much. It helped my back a great deal. I even tried it on my neck and I nearly fell asleep. can also use it for feet massage. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who suffers aches and pains, or stress. This is a truly fantastic product. Thank you so much for creating such a thing.
Mervat Esmat - Customer
Very, very relaxing and great stress relief.
Rebecca Leusley - Customer
This is a lovely massage, very realistic. It really felt like real hands. Fantastic!
Emma Wells - Customer
This product is amazing! Very effective at getting rid of tensions and knots.
Naomi Bell - Customer