Why Casada Sports?

Our Home Gym & Fitness equipment will help you to finally concentrate again on what matters most:

Because you deserve a location-independent, effective training  AND  an effective recovery. And that  tailored to  your  individual  preferences as well as to  your own schedule.

Completely independent of your studio, your trainer, your sports group or your online training program.

From now you can train ANYWHERE and  WHENEVER   you want and as effective as any Professional Fitness Training Program.

What can our products achieve for you?

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MediGunPRO – The fastest way to effectively regenerate your aching and tense muscles. Without taking pills or paying a lot of money for massage therapy.

MediPull – The most effective way to train all areas of your body! Without going to the gym or paying expensive personal trainers.
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PowerSliders – Use your own body weight and quickly take your fitness to a completely new level. Without a gym and without a complicated training program.

What can our products achieve for you?

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1. Certified according to German quality

All of our Home-gym & Fitness equipment comply with the European directives and all bear the CE mark and other industry standards.

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2.Top-quality Service & Support

Your satisfaction is important to us. We offer top quality service and support, whether by phone or email.

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3. Pay easily, securely & quickly

With us, you can pay with all payment options – PayPal using your preferred credit card or via PaymentSense payment gateway.

What are the advantages of your order?

We are  Casada  International – a modern and successfully managed company from Paderborn. As a premium manufacturer of massage chairs, massage devices and fitness equipment, our vision is to offer everyone the opportunity for physical and mental well-being at their personal location at any time. Founded in 2000, Casada has developed into one of the best-known premium manufacturers in the field of massage and fitness.

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In a global company like Casada, one of the most important success factors is the collaboration of a strong team consisting of people of different cultural backgrounds and experiences. In this way, mutual success and excellent performance can be achieved. We use almost all of our energy for our Casada branded products. We regularly bring new and innovative feel-good products onto the market. Our working environment is our arena, we train here every day. We play the pass precisely, take the ball, play imaginatively, use the chance and celebrate successes – worldwide! We see ourselves as a team. The team is therefore the focus. We can only achieve our vision if we play together fairly and at a high level.


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Our product concepts and our design are characterized by attentive clarity. The consistent focus on quality in terms of comfort and durability are factors for the holistic result. We use a prototype to test functionality, ergonomics, and performance. Together we create a test plan and carry out simulations and tests with real users, function tests, temperature tests, durability, and performance tests. Each test reveals defects or possible improvements that lead to the optimization of the design. This always decisive pursuit of perfection enables us, in cooperation with our design department, to include the continuous development process in the entire product range.



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