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Discover the new Titan massage chair from Casada with unique innovations such as the double massage mechanism, voice control, a backrest that can be adjusted up to 165° and graph heat in the leg area.

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At Casada, we are constantly working on optimizing our own products so that you can enjoy them even more and have an increasing effect on your quality of life. One of the latest results of this effort is the Titan massage chair. Because this massage chair has a comprehensive repertoire of relaxing applications, which can hardly be increased. The latest highlights of the Titan include AI intelligent body scanning, graphene heat in the leg area, a flexible running rail and especially the double massage robot.

The Titan massage chair uses AI intelligent body scanning for a more refined way of working. To do this, the armchair uses a multi-factor adjustment system and an intelligent algorithm. This enables more extensive analysis, more recorded count signals, faster reaction, more precise control when scanning the body and when regulating massage techniques. To warm your legs, the Titan uses the 100% carbon material Graphene, which generates far-infrared rays that boost your blood circulation in combination with the carbon heat in the back area.


Wouldn’t you like to take a closer look at your desired Titan Massage Chair and how it looks in your home? You can use the website here to take a close look at the chair, turn it as you like and zoom in. You can use the VR function via your smartphone and place the chair in your apartment. Try it! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


A multi-factor setting system and intelligent algorithm are used to provide more comprehensive analysis, more recorded count signals, faster responses and more accurate control when scanning the body and regulating massage techniques.

Double Mechanism: Working in combination with the specialised 2D massage robot, the 3D massage robot delivers a synchronised massage that is akin to being massaged with four hands at the same time.

Flexible Track: Because of the long massage path, the flexible track can open into an arch shape to lift the back, which truly achieves Thai stretching mas – sage in a bridge posture. an arch shape to lift the back, which truly achieves Thai stretching mas – sage in a bridge posturei stretching mas – sage in a bridge posture.g mas – sage in a bridge poridge posture.g mas – sage in a bridgsture.stretching mas – sage in a bridge posture.g mas – sage in a bridge poridge posture.g mas – sage in a bridgsture.


Complete relaxation from the shoulders to the feet with a total of 38 airbags and adjustable air pressure intensity.

Dual Warming Function: Graphene is the newest, strongest, thinnest, most conductive material that is 100% carbon. It surpasses all other known materials as a con – ductor of heat. The far infrared rays it produces are considered an ideal therapy for the natural prevention of health problems and also promote blood circulation when combined with carbon warmth to the back.

Stereo Speaker & LED Touch Screen: Amidst all the attractive features, the armchair also has stereo speakers for deep relaxation of body and soul. A touch screen featuring the latest UI operating system visualises the massage process.

stretching mas – sage in a bridge posture.g mas – sage in a bridge poridge posture.g mas – sage in a bridgsture.

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The Titan belongs to the new generation of braintronics®  compatible devices. You can connect Titan to the braintronics® app. Titan provides the body with a relaxing massage, while the braintronics®  function ensures a relaxed mind.

If the armchair and app are connected via Bluetooth, massage and audio stimulation work uniformly, bringing body and mind into the right balance.

Furthermore, the scope of the Titan includes more effective functions in promoting your well-being, such as the Arthrosis reducing  Arthrosis traction, or the specially developed massage heads imitate the feeling of a real masseur. These advantages allow Titan to put you in a super relaxing state.

>>> Click here for more information on Braintronics®




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Massage Techniques & Functions


Product : Titan
Dimensions : Upright 81.5 x 124.5 x 167 cm I Reclining 81.5 x 98.5 x 180-195 cm
Weight : 159 kg
Voltage : 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Nominal Power : 180 W
Rated Runtime : 30 minutes
Braintronics® : 21 minutes
Colour : White & Grey ; Caramel Brown
Certified By : casada certified bt


Operating Instructions >>> Titan


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