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Powerboard 3.0 Vibration Plate

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Vibration training on the PowerBoard 3.0 by Casada with alternating movements that are adapted to the human anatomy stimulates the muscles being worked on in such a way that is easy on the joints.

A stretch reflex is triggered in the muscles which leads to a contraction of the legs all the way up to the back. The number of reflexes per second varies depending on the frequency of the training.For example, at a frequency of 25 Hz per second up to 1500 contraction cycles in the muscles can be reached.



The PowerBoard 3.0 is equipped with a heavy duty motor, a sophisticated damping system, and rubber feet. These special features guarantee perfect stability and minimise noise during use.

Portable: Smartly located transport wheels at the bottom ensure optimal mobility and further serve as handles.

Heart Rate Display: The PowerBoard 3.0 is equipped with a Bluetooth receiver. It automatically connects to all common pulse belts equipped with Bluetooth and displays the heart rate on the board display.

Easy Settings: In addition to various automatic programmes , the PowerBoard 3.0 features a manual section with easy settings. Regardless of your current fitness level: whether you are unfit, exercise occasionally, exercise regularly or even a professional athlete, training is easy and customisable for ANYBODY. The digital displays the active programme, the training time and intensity. You can easily create your personal training program under “My Training”.

Training: Name the workout individually and save the time you rest between sessions. From the list, choose your desired exercise and enter the number of repetitions. Finish by pressing the “Save” button and you are ready to start.
You can watch all the workouts at your leisure under “Videos” and also practice single training units.

Caution: Smart Watches with pulse measurement and smartphones cannot connect to the board. Only pure pulse modules which measure heart rate are compatible via Bluetooth connection.


The recommended training time with the PowerBoard 3.0 is 10 minutes 3 times a week. This full body plan was established by a personal fitness coach and supports you in reaching your goals. You can of course always tailor the duration and intensity to suit your personal shape or form and preferences. Remember that a sensible warm-up is necessary before each training session and should be by no means neglected.

Even if you just warm up for 5 minutes, you are then ready to get started. There is a whole range of exercises that you can perform using the PowerBoard 3.0. If you desire new input or variety, just take a look online or get in touch with your PowerBoard 3.0 supplier.

> Fitness level (Exercise Irregularly) : 30 min at 1-4x training sessions/week

> Fitness level (Untrained): 15 min at 1-3x training sessions/week

> Fitness level (Athletic/ Trained): 45 min at 1-6x training sessions/week


Amplitude: +/– 4,5 mm Throw: 0 – 9 mm
Frequency: 8 – 22 Hz
Speed: Level 1 – 99
Maximum Load: 120 kg if both feet are positioned
Voltage: AC 220 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Energy Consumption: Max. 250 watts under normal use
Box dimensions: 85 x 50 x 20 cm
Product dimensions: 79 x 48 x 14,5 cm
Weight: 26 kg

Instructions:For unilateral stress on the PowerBoard 3.0, please always stand centrally and with both feet on the device first, and then from there shift the weight outwards. 


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