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PowerBoard 3.0 Vibrations Plate


Vibration training on the PowerBoard 3.0 by Casada with alternating movements that are adapted to the human anatomy stimulates the muscles being worked on in such a way that is easy on the joints.

A stretch reflex is triggered in the muscles which leads to a contraction of the legs all the way up to the back. The number of reflexes per second varies depending on the frequency of the training.For example, at a frequency of 25 Hz per second up to 1500 contraction cycles in the muscles can be reached.



In order to keep the body fit and healthy, regular exercise is essential. You need fitness equipment that is effective and that you can rely on. The PowerBoard 3.0 is a more than reliable partner when it comes to improving your own fitness. If the vibration plate is set in motion by the powerful motor, sophisticated tilting movements ensure the training of strength, endurance and flexibility.

Due to the frequency range from 8 to 22 Hertz and the increased number of 99-speed levels, the PowerBoard 3.0 is particularly recommended for users who are interested in sports and who are looking to make their training even more effective.


The PowerBoard 3.0 is characterized by its high-quality components. To ensure stability and minimize noise, the board has a stable high-performance motor, a clever damping system and practical rubber feet. So that the PowerBoard 3.0 can be easily transported from one place to another, there are transport rollers on the side of the vibration plate, which can also be used as handles.

The board is Bluetooth compatible for monitoring the heart rate and can be used in combination with a pure heart rate monitor (not a smart watch!)or a heart rate chest belt to show the pulse on the PowerBoard display. In addition, various automatic programs as well as processes that can be quickly adjusted manually offer a comprehensive range of training courses that leaves nothing to be desired.


Constant use of the PowerBoard 3.0 leads to a permanent increase in strength and performance. We recommend a ten-minute training session three times a week.

The vibration plate comes with an exercise DVD and a training overview with healthy nutrition tips that have been put together by recognized experts. So you are perfectly equipped to create your own dream figure. In addition, you save a lot of time because you don’t have to rely on a gym, but can train quickly and comfortably at home. This comfort has a positive effect on both the gain in time and the sporting success, as the home training ground offers all the freedom that one could wish for a successful training experience.


For more variety, the training with the PowerBoard 3.0 can be optimally expanded with special accessories. The PowerBoard 3.0 with the ReflexPad Massage pad stimulates the foot reflex zones. When the board is activated, the soles of the feet, legs or buttocks can be comfortably massaged with vibrations.

With the complete set of equipment for the PowerBoard, you are excellently equipped to achieve great success with a varied training variety.


Device :  PowerBoard 3.0
Carton dimensions: 85 x 50 x 20 cm
Board dimensions: 79 x 48 x 14.5 cm
Weight: 26 kg
Tension: AC 220 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Rated capacity: max. 250 watts
Frequency: 8-22 Hz
Maximum load: 150 kg when positioned on both feet
Speed ​​levels: 1 – 99
Amplitude: +/- 4.5 mm Hub: 0-9 mm
Area 1: +/- 1.5 mm Hub: 3 mm
— Area 2: +/- 3 mm Hub: 6 mm
— Area 3: +/- 4.5 mm Hub: 9 mm
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