Miniwell Twist2Go
Miniwell Twist2Go

Miniwell Twist2Go

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Full effect in Form and Functionality with integrated Heating Function. Thanks to its ergonomic curved design the Miniwell Twist2Go can give an effective massage to nearly all body parts-be it neck, shoulder, back, legs, feet, or stomach.

The optimal placing of the four massage heads with their relaxing circular motion, guarantees a soothing comforting massage every time. The great novelty of the Miniwell Twist2Go is its built-in battery that offers sufficient opportunities for  relaxing moments on the go.

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Miniwell Twist2Go - Massage Pillow


Conventionally, people use massage cushions to relieve unpleasant tension in the neck area. But other areas of the body are also affected by stress and cramps. That is why the Miniwell Twist2Go massage pillow has a particular shape. Thus making it possible to free the areas on the shoulder, back, stomach, legs, or feet from typical symptoms of cramps, pain, or injury. The ergonomically curved design of the pillow enables it to massage all areas in the same effective way. This feature makes Miniwell Twist2Go an all-purpose device among the massage pillows.

The great novelty of the Miniwell Twist2Go is its built-in battery. With a battery life of approx. 1.5 hours, the Miniwell Twist2Go massage pillow offers enough opportunities for relaxing moments. When driving, you can charge the Miniwell Twist2Go using the car adapter. But, use the application during rest and never while driving.

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As soon as the Miniwell Twist2Go is activated, four optimally positioned massage heads begin the kneading massage.  The massage heads rotate in repetitive circular movements.

The round shape of the massage heads of human thumb tips is modeled so that the massage experience is as true to the emotion as possible.

For a deep effect of the massage, the Miniwell Twist2Go has a Heating Function that starts at the same time as the kneading massage. This warming function has an extremely beneficial effect, especially for muscle and tissue tension.

On the go or at home – the Miniwell Twist2Go gives tense muscles and tissues the relaxation they deserve. Now with a battery and more freedom of movement.



Miniwell Twist2Go - Massage Pillow

Massage Techniques & Functions


Product :  Miniwell Twist2Go
Measurements : 35 x 23 x 15 cm
Weight : 1.8 kg
Voltage Adapter : Input 100 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 1 A ; Output 14 V 1.7 A
Voltage Device : Lithium battery 11.1V/2200 mAh
Rated Power : 24 Watt
Run-time :  1 – 1.5 hours
Charging Time : 3.5 hours
Certified By : Casada Product Certification 2


Operating Instructions >>> Miniwell Twist2Go

14 reviews for Miniwell Twist2Go

  1. Michael Williams (verified owner)

    Even though we’ve had a Casada Quattromed III for some years and still value it, we were attracted by the smaller Miniwell Twist2Go massager for its easy use to place over any part of the body (eg neck, calf or thigh muscles). It’s light, works superbly and was easily worth the cost.

  2. Jess J

    Amazing product – sorted my stiff shoulders after first use!

  3. Mark E

    Tried for the first time and excellent

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is and has been an excellent product ,I gave my first unit to my son who does long distance running and he rated the benefits he got while using it. I missed not having the item so consequently I bought second unit.😀

  5. Richard D

    Well built and Relaxing on back and neck. Only just received so have not used a great deal yet.

  6. David H

    Very good product. Really helps with tense and tight shoulders.

  7. Cornelia P

    Super product

  8. Veronica T


  9. Jed L

    Very good product

  10. Abbas H

    Love how flexible this machine is. Works very well on the back, neck, legs etc.

  11. Emma S

    Tried for 10 minutes at ideal home exhibition in London as had pain in my lower back. Decided to not make a rash decision and thought I would carry on with my day and see if it made any real difference before I made a decision. 3 hours later I was back making the purchase. Really really worked for me.

  12. Heather S

    Tried it and seemed to be just what I need for a long term hip/thigh injury. Time will tell. Feels very relaxing at any rate.

  13. Sanu S

    Very good product!

  14. Frances G. (verified owner)


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