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With the AlphaSonic II, CASADA combines first-class technology with the usual top quality product. The massage chair has a grand array of relaxing functions that can be conveniently controlled using the quick start panel. Add to that its great design, consisting of durable and environmentally friendly microfiber PU leather, which feels good and can be cleaned quickly.

In addition to the ingenious braintronics® function and numerous massage applications , the Alphasonic II remembers your favourite massage applications makes the massage treatment suited to your individual needs.

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AlphaSonic II Massage Chair - Combination of Modern Design & New age Technology


If you are looking for relaxation, you will find it – on the seat of the AlphaSonic II. So sit down, recline the backrest and immerse yourself in a world of peace. The AlphaSonic II is the premium massage chair from the CASADA family, which has a larger seating area and a striking design available in five different color variations, mainly using environmentally friendly materials.

In addition to the ingenious braintronics® function and numerous massage applications, the Alphasonic II has a practical quick-start panel that makes the massage process incredibly easier and thus accelerates it. These benefits allow AlphaSonic II to put you in an extraordinarily relaxing state in an incomparable way.

The AlphaSonic II is the premium massage chair from the CASADA family, which has a larger seating area and a striking design available in five different color variations, mainly using environmentally friendly materials.

PROGRESS IN DESIGN & TECHNOLOGYThe AlphaSonic II massage chair stands out due to its outstanding design

The AlphaSonic II massage chair stands out due to its outstanding design. Durable and environmentally friendly microfiber PU leather complements the design, which feels lovely and ideal for relaxing. It also has the advantage that it is effortless to clean.

To create a relaxing and sustainable massage experience, the AlphaSonic II consists of numerous, high-quality components. In addition, the technology of the armchair offers a multitude of innovations and possibilities that are beneficial for relaxation and have practical advantages.

The integrated Cam Rail technology, for example, ensures an expansion of the massage area. At the same time, the Zero Space feature allows the armchair to move forward when it is in the reclining position, which saves a lot of space on the rear.



Alpahsonic II Massage Chair - the easy-Control Panel simplifies operation and lets you make all elementary settings without significant hassles.EASY & QUICK TO START

To start the massage application immediately, you can use the quick start panel. In addition, the easy-Control Panel simplifies operation and lets you make all elementary settings without significant hassles.

So if you want to start the massage quickly and easily, you do not need to use the remote control. Instead, you can rely on the quick start panel.

If you already have a favourite massage application, you can save it with the memory function and start immediately and without the scanning process. The memory function even allows you to save two massage favourites.

The AlphaSonic II also has a quick application of nine automatic programs, which have been put together for different massage techniques. Also, you can turn on Heat mode to these program sequences for a positive effect on the muscle tissue.


AlphaSonic II Massage Chair with Braintronics App


The AlphaSonic II belongs to the new generation of braintronics®  compatible devices. You can connect AlphaSonic II to the braintronics® app. AlphaSonic II provides the body with a relaxing massage, while the braintronics®  function ensures a relaxed mind.

If the armchair and app are connected via Bluetooth, massage and audio stimulation work uniformly, bringing body and mind into the right balance.

Furthermore, the scope of the AlphaSonic II includes more effective functions in promoting your well-being, such as the pollutant-neutralizing O²Ionizer, the Arthrosis reducing  Arthrosis traction, or the specially developed massage heads imitate the feeling of a real masseur. These advantages allow AlphaSonic II to put you in a super relaxing state.

>>> Click here for more information on Braintronics®



AlphaSonic II Massage Chair for a full body relaxing Massage

Massage Techniques & Functions


Product : AlphaSonic II
Dimensions : Upright 81 x 119 x 147 cm I Reclining 81 x 92 x 176 cm
Weight : 96 kg
Voltage : 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Nominal Power : 150 W
Rated Runtime : 20 minutes
Braintronics® : 21 minutes
Certified By : casada certified bt


Operating Instructions >>> AlphaSonic II

2 reviews for Alphasonic II

  1. Pik Choy

    Firstly, I would like to say that I could go on forever about the number of positives the chair has, but I’ll keep it brief. To start with, the sleek design of the chair and the colours that it comes with makes it so that it can fit anyone around the house and not be too loud. This is a major plus because many massage chairs tend to either not come as advertised or even fit the theme of my living room for example. The chair itself however is wonderful. As I suffer from back pains after an intense session at the gym, I use the chair, and with a few clicks of a button, it get in all the right areas, leaving me in pure bliss, seemingly curing all my pain. Overall, the Alphasonic II is a great product and anyone looking for a massage machine that does exactly as it says in the description and more should definitely invest!

  2. ricky66uk

    I purchased Alphasonic II last month from Costco where Casada running a promotion by Matthew, he demonstrated the chair patiently and I just love it after I tried, it’s my first massage chair and not just me enjoying but my whole family. I tried other brand massage chair with similar price and I think I had made a good choice. Five stars out of five.

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