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Medigun Pro


MediGunPRO by Casada is a wireless, state-of-the-art massage device that helps to reduce muscle soreness
and tension, promote blood circulation, optimize mobility and improve the general condition of the body‘s musculo-skeletal system.

With the further developed MediGun Pro, you can massage your muscles even more specifically in order to refresh them after strenuous fitness training and to support muscle regeneration.Massage desired body part at the desired speed applying pressure as needed.


The MediGun Pro is the further development of the MediGun and is used to loosen the muscles with high-frequency pressure pulses. The MediGun Pro is even more targeted than its predecessor, so that tension and cramps have no chance. At the same time, this modern fitness massager has a refreshing effect on the muscles and has a regenerating effect on heavily used muscle tissue. With six interchangeable attachmentsfive different speed levels, and improved control, the MediGun Pro works as effectively and user-friendly as hardly any comparable massager.


For an incredibly targeted application of the massage, the MediGun Pro has more speed levels than the MediGun.  The MediGun Pro works at level 1 at a frequency of 30 Hz with 1800 strokes per minute and can be gradually increased from 36 Hz with 2200 strokes, 43 Hz with 2600 strokes, 50 Hz with 3000 strokes up to 56 Hz with 3400 strokes. Thanks to the easy-to-use control unit, the levels can be increased or decreased at will. The MediGun Pro has six attachments for use, whose unequal shape was developed for different areas of the body as well as for uses. For example, the flat massage head works more on larger muscle groups, while the ball attachment is used to warm up and stroke the muscles.


Equipped with a high-performance battery that enables an operating time of 4-8 hours, the MediGun Pro is particularly popular in the area of ​​fitness and other sporting activities. The evenly generated pressure pulses promote blood circulation and thus increase mobility. At the same time, the fascia massage loosens muscles and connective tissue, loosens hardening and shortens the recovery time of the muscles. The MediGun Pro can also be used for trigger points, cellulite and scar tissue, and as an aid against muscle cramps.

The sensational MediGun Pro ensures light-heartedness before and after fitness training – without unpleasant consequences of cramped muscles!

> Advanced technology with powerful brushless High-Torque Motor.
> Interchangeable head attachments (x4) – Fork, Bullet, Flat, Round.
> Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (More than 2 Hours using time when full charged).
> Gear indicator.
> Speed Settings for Optimal Pressure.
> Battery indicator.
> AC interface.
> On/Off Power Switch.



Device Name : MedigunPRO
Measurements : 17cm x 21.8cm x 6.3cm
Frequency :

  • Level 1 – 30 Hz 1800 pressure impulses/min 
  • Level 2 – 36 Hz 2200 pressure impulses/min 
  • Level 3 – 43 Hz 2600 pressure impulses/min 
  • Level 4 – 50 Hz 3000 pressure impulses/min 
  • Level 5 – 56 Hz 3400 pressure impulses/min 

Weight : 1.1 kg
Voltage : 110 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz – 5A, 26 V – DC – 1A
Adaptor : Input : AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.3A ; Output DC 26V, 1A
Device : 6x Built-in Lithium Battery DC 21.6 V, 2600mAh
Certified By : Casada certificates

DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT MANUAL  >>> Operating instructions MediGun Pro

Please do not use the MediGunPRO, or any vibration device without first obtaining approval from your doctor if any of the following apply: Pregnancy, Diabetes with complications such as Neuropathy or Retinal damage, wear of Pacemakers, recent Surgery, Epilepsy or Migraines, Herniated Disks, Spondylolisthesis, Spondylolysis, or  Spondylosis, recent Joint Replacements or IUD‘s, Metal Pins or Plates or any concerns about your physical health.


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