Acupressure Mat
Acupressure Mat

Acupressure Mat

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The Acupressure Mat has over 6000 acupressure points which may have a strong healing effect on your body and mind.

The Acupressure Mat may have a deeply relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating effect on your whole well-being due to improved blood circulation.

After a short time, a pleasantly pleasant warmth will spread throughout your body and activate your blood circulation.

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The Acupressure Mat can be used pretty much for your whole body


The Acupressure Mat can be used pretty much for your whole body. Place the Acupressure Mat on the bed, sofa, or on a soft surface. Lie down on the mat so that your skin rests on the nails. To begin with, you might experience a slightly painful sensation. This is normal. The pain that you experience is due to the stress and tensions in your body.

As you continue to lie on the mat, take slow deep breaths, and spend a few minutes like that., slowly inhaling and exhaling. After a few minutes you will experience a warm sensation in your body. Initially, 10- 15 minutes spent on the mat should be enough. After some time you can gradually increase your time on the Acupressure Mat to between 30 and 40 minutes.


With the Accupressure Mat from Casada, you can bring the feeling of tried and tested technology home. Support the stress reduction in a completely natural way and relax your muscles in a tried and tested way – with acupressure!

Effectively stimulate the numerous acupressure points on your skin. Your own body weight is evenly distributed over gentle and intelligently arranged needle tips.

After a short time, a pleasantly pleasant warmth will spread throughout your body and activate your blood circulation.

Its ideal size adapts to practically any body size and can be easily rolled up after use and stowed in the bag supplied.



There is often no big difference between a normal massage and an acupressure massage. Both massages are largely similar. Certain points of the body are lightly to moderately massaged with the acupressure mat. You can use the acupressure massage while sitting, lying down or standing. In order to increase the degree of relaxation, we recommend that you play quiet soothing music in the background.

If you fall asleep on the mat, don’t worry as you are not the first to do so, and it is not dangerous. In fact, feeling relaxed is one of the benefits that come from using the Acupressure Mat. The Acupressure Mat can be used practically for your whole body. Many people have back problems and find it very helpful to use the mat on the back, so it can help against stiff and tense muscles and even reduce their back pain. The Acupressure Mat can also be used for seat, calves, stomach, feet, hands, neck and even face.




Product: Acupressure Mat
Dimensions : 78 cm x 46 cm
Weight: 900 gram
Certified By : casada certified image 2



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