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Skyliner II


The Skyliner II takes you into a world of dreamlike rest and relaxation. As soon as you get into the comfortable sitting position, you can choose one of the many great massage techniques using the easy-to-use touchscreen remote control and relax like never before.

Physical and mental relaxation is the primary goal of the new Skyliner II massage chair. Three large pillars  form the foundation that gives the Skyliner II its incredibly high effectiveness. First of all, there is the increased seating comfort, which ensures exceptional comfort through its shape and material. This is followed by the particularly high-quality technology, which allows the Skyliner II to work indescribably and purposefully during the massage. The whole thing is only topped by the countless customization options with which the Skyliner II can be adapted to your personal needs.

Already impressive, but only mercilessly good when combined – the formula for success through which the Sykliner II gives you fantastic moments as if in heavenly spheres.


The Skyliner II contains sensors for acupressure points, which allow you to enjoy the body massage for several regions of the body. The innovative techniques that the Skyliner II masters can be combined in a variety of ways to relax and reduce stress.

As soon as you have tried the massage chair several times, one of the many techniques will prove to be your personal favourite. And so that you can start your favourite massage with no fuss, the Skyliner II has three storage modes. If you have saved the massage program with the settings, start the next time immediately by simply activating the automatic memo mode.

The number of different auto modes that are in the Skyliner II are both varied and effective. Divided into four main categories, the scope of individual automatic massage functions consists of a total of 23. These include unique applications that are suitable for a wide variety of life situations. Whether for stress relief, for joint care, as an office cure, for buttocks or even as a Thai massage – the Skyliner II repertoire has the right massage for everyone to relax and strengthen their vitality.

All of this is controlled via a 7-inch super touchscreen, which is equipped with the latest UI operating system and thus illustrates the course of the massage.


While the body is enjoying these delicacies, one must not forget the targeted relaxation of the brain. That is why the Skyliner II is compatible with the braintronics® app, which uses audio stimulation to synchronize the brain waves and thus cause different relaxation states. Depending on the result you want, braintronics® supports you. You can use braintronics® for easy relaxation, for relaxing meditation phases or for sustained improvement in concentration. Connected via Bluetooth, the massages of the Skyliner II work with braintronics®  in harmony, which increases the positive effect on your body and mind and gives a calming effect.

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Product : Skyliner II
Dimensions: Upright: 80 x 148 x 120 cm I Reclined: 80 x 180 x 105 cm
Weight : 141 kg
Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Nominal Power : 220 W
Runtime : 20 minutes
Braintronics : 21 minutes
Certified By : Casada certificates


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