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Skyliner II

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The Skyliner II takes you into a world of dreamlike rest and relaxation. As soon as you get into the comfortable sitting position, you can choose one of the many great massage techniques using the easy-to-use touchscreen remote control and relax like never before.

First of all, there is the increased seating comfort, which ensures exceptional comfort through its shape and material. Secondly, particularly high-quality technology, which allows the Skyliner II to work indescribably and purposefully during the massage  of various body parts at the same time.

And last but not the least is it has  countless customization options with which the Skyliner II can be adapted to your personal needs and give an unique massage experience.

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Skyliner II Massage Chair with Acupressure Massage


Physical as well as mental recovery is the primary goal of the new Skyliner II massage chair. Three unique propositions give the Skyliner II its incredibly high level of effectiveness. First of all, there is an increased seating comfort, which ensures extraordinary comfort thanks to its shape and material. Secondly, the exceptionally high-quality technology allows the Skyliner II with Acupressure Massage  to work indescribably effectively during the massage.

Thirdly it offers countless customization options with which the Skyliner II adapts to your personal needs. Already impressive individually, but only mercilessly good in combination – the formula for success through which the Skyliner II brings you fantastic moments as if in heavenly spheres.


Wouldn’t you like to take a closer look at your desired Skyliner II and how it looks in your home? You can use the website here to take a close look at the chair, turn it as you like and zoom in. You can use the VR function via your smartphone and place the chair in your apartment. Try it! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


The Skyliner II has built-in sensors for Acupressure Points, which allow you to enjoy the body massage for several regions of the body. The innovative techniques that the Skyliner II masters can be combined in a variety of ways to relax and reduce stress.

As soon as you have tried the massage chair several times, one of the many techniques will prove to be your personal favourite. And so that you can start your favourite massage with no fuss.

The Skyliner II has 3- storage modes. If you have saved the massage program with the settings, start immediately by activating the automatic memo mode.



The number of different auto modes that are in the Skyliner II is both varied and effective. The auto modes are divided into four main categories. Therefore there is a scope of over 23 – individual automatic massage functions. These include unique applications that are suitable for a wide variety of life situations.

Whether for Stress Relief, for Joint Care, as an Office Cure, for Buttocks, or even as a Thai massage – the Skyliner II repertoire has the correct massage for everyone to relax and strengthen their vitality.

All of this is controlled via a 7-inch super touchscreen, which is equipped with the latest UI operating system and thus illustrates the massage course.


Skyliner II Massage Chair with Braintronics technologyEXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHTS & ADDED CALMNESS WITH BRAINTRONICS®

While the body is enjoying these features, one must not forget the targeted relaxation of the brain. That is why the Skyliner II massage chair is compatible with the braintronics® app, which uses audio stimulation to synchronize the brain waves and thus cause different relaxation states.

Depending on the result you want, braintronics® supports you. For example, you can use braintronics® for easy relaxation, relaxing meditation phases, or sustained improvement in concentration.

Connected via Bluetooth, the massages of the Skyliner II work with braintronics® in harmony, which increases the positive effect on your body and mind and gives a calming effect.

>>> Click here for more information on Braintronics®




Skyliner II Massage Chair with Braintronics Technology

Massage Techniques & Functions


Product : Skyliner II
Dimensions : Upright: 80 x 148 x 120 cm I Reclined: 80 x 180 x 105 cm
Weight : 141 kg
Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Nominal Power : 220 W
Runtime : 20 minutes
Braintronics : 21 minutes
Colour : Black -Grey ; White – Grey
Certified By : casada certified bt


Operating Instructions >>> Skyliner II

5 reviews for Skyliner II

  1. Married Couple J.

    We should like to take this opportunity to thanks you very much for the very fast delivery of the Skyliner II massage chair. Above all, the very good instruction in the construction and handling of the Skyliner II by the technical support staff. After we have tried out new functions of the massage chair almost every day to out complete satisfaction and will certainly also test the chair in its other functions, we can already say that your advertising claims have actually been correct so far and we will award positive stars for further publications According to the current status, the highest possible number of 5 stars would be awarded.

  2. MBKP

    This purchase is one of the best items I have bought so far. The chair is very modern relaxing and multifunctional.
    Frozen Shoulder massage is one of the many unique features it has.
    A manual override to set up for sensitive user is helpful.

    The chair looks nice even in the main room. It is quite robust and strong, at the same time the wheels underneath support movement to clean.
    The foot massage feature is excellent as it adjusts with the length of calf individually.
    Overall it is a very good massaging robot and would recommend. The support service from Cassada has been very good.

  3. Jay Popat

    I wanted to buy a massage chair as a gift for myself from my children for my 60th Birthday.Did some research on google and found CASADA.Called up there office and spoke to Pernilla who was excellent at going through the different options available. She also advised that I could visit there showroom and try the model there .Alexandera at the showroom was very helpful and let me try and experience the different options available. After trying the 2 options I decided to buy the Skyliner 11 which suited my needs and up to date in technology.I needed the chair to go upstairs in one of the bedrooms so I called Pernilla again at the office and explained to her.She asked me to measure the room door width and the stairs gap and turns.She checked with the technician and was ok to take it upstairs.The Massage chair arrived and the Technician and his helper both took some parts out and lifted the chair upstairs.This chairs weighed approx 140kg.They fitted the chair and went through the basics on how to operate the chair. Very happy with the Skyliner11 and would highly recommend. Excellent service from all the team at CASADA.I also bought the extra 3 years of warranty for peace one mind.

  4. Love Massage

    We are enjoying the massage chair so far. Delivery is smooth and being patiently setup for us, appreciate the great service. There are many massage program preset to explore. In general the quality of it seems great, the massage is quite strong, but could be adjusted if desired to be less strong, which is fine. There are blue lights at sides of chairs, it looks cool while using it at night in dimmed lighting.

  5. Olga D

    I was looking for a massage chair quite a while and was choosing it carefully; was reading many articles about different chairs from different companies; as it cost a lot and I wanted to make sure that I buy good quality one and which one making really good massages. I came to the Casada showroom, tried all different models and most liked Skyliner II. I finally bought Casada Chair, Skyliner II, and after using it more than 3 months, without any hesitation I can say now that I did a right choice. The varieties of the different types of massages are big, you can customise it too; they are good quality massages, which all my family likes to do. The customer service is great any; they reply quickly to any questions you may have.
    Great investment, highly recommend to look at Casada

    • admin (store manager)

      Dear Olga, thank you so much for your review! It is so good to hear how you are enjoying the chair and how you felt guided in a personal and professional way. Best Health wishes from your Casada Team

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