About Us

About Casada Massagers , Massage Chairs & Home Fitness Equipment



Casada is a well-established, high-quality brand. Our Massagers, Massage Chairs & Home Fitness Equipment have been on the world market since 2000. Today, we have several sales teams all over the UK. You will also find us online, in major exhibitions, and many different shopping centers.

For more than 20 years, the company’s focus has been on maintaining the health of our growing clientele. We are present every year with our employees in the field at various trade fairs across the UK.


For more than 20 years, we at Casada have dealt with health, wellness, and fitness products. Our Massagers, Massage Devices have enthralled our discerning customers over the years. The Casada family consists of a close-knit network of trustworthy partners in over 37 countries worldwide.

It is the continuous collaboration between cultures that gives our brand an enormous value. Enthusiastic customers, public figures, and athletes trust us and our Massagers and Massage products.


When you meet us, you will find a friendly, professional, and trained staff that will take good care of you and demonstrate what our products can do to ease your muscle pain. Also, they will try to answer all your questions related to the product.

We believe in quality, and we want our customers to experience warm, friendly, and professional service. It is our pleasure to take the time to help you find the product that is best suited for your individual need. We offer a wide range of  Massagers, Massage Chairs, Massage Cushion, Foot Massagers, for you to choose from.


Our vision is to create an individual quiet zone for body, soul, and spirit at any time and in any place. We contribute to your happiness and inner balance and offer the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

Relaxation, relief, and improved blood circulation promote well-being and bring the body into its natural balance.


We aim to present and make accessible to you a wide range of innovative lifestyle and wellness products that will improve your well-being.

Additionally, we strive to take your breath away with our impressive design and latest technology.


Our brand is recognizable for its class design, excellent quality standards, durability, and “easy to use” functionality. Your satisfaction is our primary objective, and our wide range offers something for everyone.


Our product concepts and design is unique for their stunning clarity of purpose and functionality. The consistent focus on quality in the sense of comfort and durability are factors for the holistic result.

We test functionality, ergonomics, and performance with a prototype. Together we create a test plan and carry out both simulations and tests, with real users, function tests, temperature tests, durability, and performance tests.

Each test reveals defects or possible improvements that lead to the optimization of the design. This always decisive pursuit of perfection allows us to continuously develop the entire product range in cooperation with our design department.