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About Us


For more than 25 years, the company’s focus has been on maintaining the health of its constantly growing clientele. Our vision is to create an individual quiet zone for body, soul and spirit at any time and in any place. We contribute to your happiness and inner balance and offer the opportunity to escape from everyday life. Relaxation, relief and improved blood circulation promote well-being and bring the body into its natural balance.

 It is the continuous collaboration between cultures that gives our brand an enormous value. Enthusiastic customers, public figures, and athletes trust us and our Massagers and Massage products. Today , Casada has a gobal presence in over 37 countries worldwide.

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In a world where consistently high performance is expected, it is important to take time out so that your body and mind can relax. With the exclusive range of wellness and massage products from Casada you can enjoy relaxing massages in the comfort of your own home and give your body a pleasant freshness.

For effective but time-saving training, Casada offers advanced home-training equipment which  enables great fitness success in a significantly shorter time at the comfort of your home.


Our product concepts and design is unique for their stunning clarity of purpose and functionality. The consistent focus on quality in the sense of comfort and durability are factors for the holistic result.

We test functionality, ergonomics, and performance with a prototype. Together we create a test plan and carry out both simulations and tests, with real users, function tests, temperature tests, durability, and performance tests.

This constant pursuit of perfection helps us build the best product known for its aesthetic design, excellent quality standards, durability, and “easy to use” functionality.

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Our products all comply with European guidelines.

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