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The six-piece PowerSlider fitness set supports you with sophisticated yoga and floor exercises, which strengthens your physical fitness and increases the fun factor during training.

To keep the body healthy and flexible, many people use yoga and floor exercises. There are only a few limits to the possibilities. However, the training can be wonderfully supported with the right tools.

The PowerSlider Set is available for versatile training that can be practised comfortably on the home floor. The set consists of two high-quality push-up handles for the upper body and two bowls in which the feet or knees are placed, depending on the exercise.

The PowerSlider set also includes a 1.8 x 2 m Carpet and a practical Bag for stowing and transporting, so that you are well equipped on the go and can do your training at any time.



Regular training with the PowerSlider leads to numerous positive developments. With the right exercises, muscle building can be increased in a targeted manner, while core stability is promoted and mobility and coordination skills are improved. A special aspect of PowerSlider applications is the training of a more stable posture. Improved posture comes with benefits such as preventing back pain and relieving the spine.

Training with the PowerSliders does not only benefit your physical condition. Once you see and feel your first fitness successes, it will make you feel a great deal more comfortable in your own skin.


The great thing about the PowerSliders is that you can adapt the training in your own way. Exercises can be varied and changed almost playfully. Individually or in combination – push-up handles and foot rests together or alone – the choice is entirely yours! Already known exercises can be designed more effectively and yoga exercises can be intensified.

The PowerSlider enable an unusual full-body workout for beginners and professionals. In addition to functionality, the compact size and low weight make the PowerSlider a perfect training partner for at home and when traveling so that you never have to neglect your training.




Product : PowerSlider
Sliders Material : PU+ABS
Carpet : 1800 x 2000 x 2 mm
Carpet material : Polyester
Bag size : 430 x 620 mm
Bag material : Polyester
Load Capacity : 150 kg
Product sizes : PS Hand – ø 198 mm | h = 76 mm ; PS Foot – ø 198 mm | h = 40 mm
Measurements :  410 x 340 x 160 mm
Gross Weight / Net Weight : 1.6 kg | 3.3 kg
Certified By : Casada certificates


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