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Canoo V

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The latest member of the Canoo foot massage device series masters the special “Gua Sha” massage technique in addition to Air pressure Acupressure and Heat Function, which can positively rejuvenate the whole body.

It provides more than just a revitalizing effect on the foot muscles. The Canoo V is designed ergonomically to work on the sole of your foot where you find the reflex points for the organs in your whole body. Stimulating these pressure points of the reflex zones affects all body organs positively and harmonizes circulation and alleviates pain.

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Buy Canoo V Foot Massager with the new "Gua Sha" massage application.


If legs and feet are in use for many hours every day, this can increase stress, leading to permanent problems. Therefore, as a preventive measure, you should rely on excellent and effective massages, ideally carried out by a highly professional massage device. The Canoo V foot massager is one of a kind foot massage device that has proven itself over the years when it comes to the regeneration of muscles and cell tissues.

Just like all CASADA products, the latest member of the Canoo series combines the strengths of its predecessors with new innovations. For instance , one of its USP is the irresistible Air Pressure Acupressure Massage which, through the targeted use of swelling and decongesting airbags, has a similar effect on lymphatic drainage. Canoo V also masters the massage of the Foot Reflex Zones.


Wouldn’t you like to take a closer look at your desired Canoo V Foot Massager and how it looks in your home? You can use the website here to take a close look at the product, turn it as you like and zoom in. You can use the VR function via your smartphone and place the massager in your apartment. Try it! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Canoo V Foot Massager with the new "Gua Sha" massage application.THE GUA SHA MASSAGE

Canoo V foot massager comes with new improvements and refinements. It also has a completely new massage function: the Gua Sha massage.

This massage has a long tradition and comes from Eastern folk medicine. Gua Sha is the practice of using a tool to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension. For example, the Gua Sha technique can remove deposited pollutants in the muscle tissues and stimulate blood circulation.

In China, the Gua Sha massage is also used in everyday life to reduce colds, fever, headaches, or circulatory problems. Canoo V‘s sophisticated massage applications act as an energy source that gives your body strength and vitality time and again.

By stimulation of the right trigger points, it unleashes far-reaching positive effects.



The stimulation of the foot reflex zones affects the different organs in the body. The link gives you a detailed view of which area of ​​the foot is connected to which internal organ.



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Massage Techniques & Functions


Product :  Canoo V
Measurements : 45 x 54 x 60 cm
Weight (Net /Gross) : 24.5 kg / 27 kg
Power Source : AC 110 -120 V ~ 60 Hz ; AC 220 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Rated Power  : 110 Watt
Recommended Operating Time : 15 minutes
Certified By : Casada certificates


Operating Instructions >>> Canoo V


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