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Miniwell Twist2Go


Full effect in Form and Functionality with integrated Heating Function. Thanks to its ergonomic form the Twist2Go can give an effective massage to nearly all body parts-be it neck, shoulder, back, legs, feet, or stomach.

Thanks to the optimal placing of the four massage heads with their relaxing circular motion, a soothing comforting massage is guaranteed every time. The additional active bands not only ensure the optimal placement of the Twist2Go.

They also bring further advantages: You can regulate the pressure on the affected area to your own requirements and you can enjoy your Twist2Go massage without having to look for something to lean up against.

Miniwell Twist2Go - Massage Pillow

Miniwell Twist2Go - Massage Pillow


As a rule, massage cushions can mainly be used in the neck area to relieve unpleasant tension. But other areas of the body are also affected by tension and cramps. That is why the Miniwell Twist2Go massage pillow has a very special shape, which makes it possible to free everyday areas of the shoulder, back, abdomen, legs, or feet. The ergonomically curved design of the pillow is designed in such a way that all areas are relaxed in the same effective way, which distinguishes the Miniwell Twist2Go as an all-round talent among the massage pillows.

The great novelty of the Miniwell Twist2Go is its built-in battery, thanks to which an obvious power source is no longer absolutely necessary. With a battery life of approx. 1.5 hours, the Miniwell Twist2Go offers sufficient opportunities for relaxing and relaxing moments. When driving, the Miniwell Twist2Go can also be used uncharged using the car adapter. All you have to do is connect it to the cigarette lighter. However, the application should only be used during rest and never while driving.

As soon as the Miniwell Twist2Go is activated, four optimally positioned massage heads begin the kneading massage.  The massage heads rotate in repetitive circular movements. The round shape of the massage heads of human thumb tips is modeled so that the massage experience is as true to the emotion as possible.

For a deep effect of the massage, the Miniwell Twist2Go has a heating function that starts at the same time as the kneading massage. This warming function has an extremely beneficial effect, especially for muscle and tissue tension.


Device :  Twist2Go
Measurements : 35 x 23 x 15 cm
Weight : 1.8 kg
Voltage Adapter : Input 100 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 1 A ; Output 14 V 1,7 A
Voltage Device : Lithium battery 11.1V/2200 mAh
Rated Power : 24 Watt
Run-time :  1 – 1.5 hours
Charging Time : 3.5 hours
Certified By : Casada certificates


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