Tappymed III
Tappymed III

Tappymed III

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The Tappymed III uses a unique massage head that has been processed with Jade and is used to relax all muscles. It is supported by four different silicone attachments.

With its infinitely variable speed, Tappymed III relaxes the muscles and releases Tension. With their  innovative design, four uniquely shaped silicon attachments soothe the nerves and promote the healthy flow of the circulatory system.


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Tappymed III - Back Massager + Neck & Shoulder Massager


The Tappymed series of massagers is unique for its inimitable Tapping Massage application. This form of massage relaxes strained muscles, relieves cramps and Tension in the Shoulder and Neck area. You can also use it in the areas of ​​the Legs and Foot Reflex Zones. Tappymed III also supports the application of switchable Deep Heat. The newly added Jade in the massage heads helps to refine the Deep Heat massage therapy further. Thus amplifying its benefits and effectiveness.

With its infinitely variable speed, Tappymed III relaxes the muscles and releases stress. With their innovative design, four uniquely shaped silicon attachments soothe the nerves and promote the healthy flow of the circulatory system. Space-saving, handy, and perfectly engineered, Tappymed III sets new standards in design and ergonomics.

tappymed iii PD 4 casada ukREACHES ALL BODY REGIONS

The ergonomic shape of the Tappymed III allows the massager to leave no part of the body untouched. The non-slip coating ensures a stable grip that is comfortable in the hand and enables it to loosen any area without any problems.

The speed of the massage is regulated by a rotary switch, while the Deep Heat application can be switched on at any time. When the Deep Heat is active , the LED lamp of the Tappymed III lights-up red, otherwise the light of the activated massager is blue.

Characterized by individual massage variations and a Deep Heat activation using Jade, the new Tappymed III ensures the experience of perfect Tapping Massages .

You‘ll be surprised how precisely Tappymed III reaches every tense part of your body with its contoured shape.


With four different silicone attachments, the Tappymed III can be completely adapted to your individual needs and can be used in five different ways. For the massage without an attachment, it is particularly suitable for the Arms, Palms, and closed Hands.

tappymed iii PD 3 casada uk 1


The Brush head is particularly popular with users with sensitive skin and is mostly used on joints such as the knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles and feet.

The Nipple head is used for concentrated massage on one point. Recommended in the area of ​​the thigh muscles and also the foot reflex points.

For an expansion of the concentrated massage, the   3-Point head which, in contrast to the nipple head, distributes the concentration to three points. This is particularly useful in the calf area, and also on the finger joints.

The Flat head imitates a palm pressure massage and excels particularly in the massage of larger muscle areas, such as in the area of ​​the back, shoulder and thigh muscles.




tappymed iii PD 2 casada uk

Massage Techniques & Functions


Product : Tappymed III
Measurements : 410 x 87 x 132 mm
Weight : 1.1 kg
Power Source : AC 200 V ~ 50 Hz , 100 mA
Rated Power : 25 Watt
RPM Min/Max : 1250 – 2500 rpm
Certified By : Casada Product Certification 2


Operating Instructions >>> Tappymed III

2 reviews for Tappymed III

  1. Susan

    Replacement for very old model purchased years ago. Very pleased

  2. ozaerh

    Great Product

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