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Reflexomed II


With Shiatsu reflex rollers and relaxing acupressure cushions, the ReflexoMed II massages the foot reflex zones as sensitively as if the massage were carried out by hand.

In order to counteract overexertion or the effects of incorrect posture, the feet must be relaxed and stimulated regularly. By relaxing tense muscles, the entire body feels fresh and relaxed. With the ReflexoMed II foot massager, every area of ​​the feet is as comfortable as it is massaged.

The ReflexoMed II uses Shiatsu reflex rollers and relaxing acupressure cushions to act as delicately as if the massage was carried out by a human hand.

ReflexoMed II foot massager


The ReflexoMed II has two massage functions that can be used to work the feet in different ways. If  the RELIEF  mode is used, the massage has a very relaxing effect, while the VIGOR mode helps to strengthen the muscles. The additional ZONE mode ensures that the application is concentrated on one part of the foot. In all modes, the intensity of the air pressure supplied is manually adjustable and divided into three levels so that the massage can be adapted to your own wishes.

After an arduous day, the great uses of the ReflexoMed II are a sensible, as well as a pleasant conclusion to supply the feet with enough energy and to feel strong for the next morning.

Reflexology has the advantage over an all-body massage due to the fact that there are approx. 72,000 nerve endings of different endings. Precisely performed massages can influence the body in a positive way and enhance personal

If the feet are neglected, this can have an effect on the entire body.

> Muscular tension of the body can arise as a result of poor posture. This in turn can have negative effects on the spinal column and the nerve tracts and result in other physical complaints.

> Sleeping problems and cold feet are usually a consequence of circulatory disorders.

> Excessive sitting and physical inactivity can cause blood congestion, swollen legs and muscle cramps.

> Provide your feet with sufficient energy so that the veins embedded in the muscles can transport the blood throughout the entire body again.


The stimulation of the foot reflex zones affects the different organs in the body. The link gives you a detailed view of which area of ​​the foot is connected to which internal organ.



Product : Reflexomed II
Dimensions : 48.1 x 40.2 x 24.8 cm
Weight : 8.5 kg
Voltage : AC 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Rated Power : 110 watts
Automatic Runtime : 10 minutes
Certified By : Casada certificates


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