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PowerBoard 2.1 Vibration Plate

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5.00 out of 5


Young or old, for sport or for conditioning – training with PowerBoard 2.1 is as effective as it is unique in its applicability. Naturally, regular use is required to achieve optimal training success in the long-run.

In short, the PowerBoard 2.1 is the most efficient training device that you can imagine. Without additional weights and without overburdening the body, you can achieve unbelievable success training 3 x a week for 10 minutes. Choose between different training programmes and reward yourself with a supple and firm body.

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Power Board 2.1 Vibrations Plate


Sports activities keep us fit, provide a healthy balance to our everyday life and serve as a preventive measure. To ensure optimal physical fitness, we need a suitable training device without putting in a lot of effort. That is why CASADA has developed the PowerBoard 2.1 Vibration Plate, enabling a modern and efficient way to gain fitness.

The focus is on effective vibration training that is individually adaptable and achieves indescribable success with continuous increase in load, but at the same time can save a lot of time. A ten-minute session, three times a week, is perfectly adequate.


PowerBoard 2.1 is easy for everyone to use – regardless of whether they are untrained, do irregular sports, regularly do sports, or even professional athletes.

The operation of the vibration plate is almost self-explanatory. With the associated remote control, you can choose between three automatic programs or create your own workout manually.

There are 20 frequency levels available for this. The clear display shows you the mode, speed, and running time, as well as your current calorie consumption, calculated from data based on average guide values.

On the device’s digital display, you can always see which programme is active. The duration of the training time and what the intensity of the training is. The transport rollers in PowerBoard 2.1 ensure high mobility and also function as handles.



As a novelty, the PowerBoard 2.1 offers a controlled overview of your heart rate. To adapt your training and to cut the risk of fatigue, you can track your pulse with the separately available pulse sensor. Rubber feet attachments below the PowerBoard 2.1 adds the stability you need for your active training.

These also have the function of minimizing noise when using the board by absorbing the resulting sound. Vibration training with alternating movements adapted to the human anatomy stimulates the muscles so that it is easy on the joints.




The wide range of possible uses of the vibration plate allows you to design your own training course. The enclosed training DVD contains many different exercises that will help you put together your personal training plan.

To protect your joints during training, the alternating movements of the PowerBoard 2.1 adapts to the human anatomy. This has the advantage that the sense of balance and visual perception can work optimally while the head remains still.

For the first training units, we would recommend starting with the low frequencies. After regular use, you may then increase the load. The more often you train with the PowerBoard 2.1, the faster you will achieve results. It is advisable to use 3 X a Week • 10 Minutes a Day.


APPLICATION & USAGEPower Board 2.1 Vibrations Plate


Product : PowerBoard 2.1
Amplitude : +/– 9 mm  I Throw: 0-18 mm
Frequency : 5,6 – 13,6 Hz
Speed : Level 1-20
Max. Load : 150 kg if both feet are positioned
Product Dimension : 79 x 47 x 14.5 cm
Product Weight : 22 kg
Voltage :  AC 220 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption : Max. 250 watts under normal use

INSTRUCTION: For unilateral stress on the PowerBoard 2.1, please always stand centrally and with both feet on the device first, and then from there shift the weight outwards.


Operating Instructions >>> PowerBoard 2.1

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  1. Jan Willem
    5 out of 5


    I am thrilled with the PowerBoard ! With different exercises I train many muscle groups in my body without tensing myself too much, and that’s nice at home. The clamping is provided by the PowerBoard . Because I am so enthusiastic about the PowerBoard, I recommend this device to everyone !!

  2. Beate S.
    5 out of 5


    I have been using vibration trainers for a number of years with good results for my health. My back pain has subsided due to the build-up of support muscles, muscles in my arms and legs are firmer. Since I’ve been using the PowerBoard regularly, my fitness has improved again, and it’s a lot of fun too! And customer service is always available for inquiries.

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