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PowerBoard 2.1 Vibrations Plate


Young or old, for sport or for conditioning – training with a PowerBoard 2.1 is as effective as it is individual in its applicability.

Naturally, regular use is required to achieve optimal training success in the long-run. Only when the body is stimulated in a long-term and sensible way do bones, joints, ligaments and muscles adapt to the increased stress. Therefore it is important to start gently in order to optimise the body on a sustained basis.

In short, the PowerBoard 2.1 is the most efficient training device that you can imagine. Without additional weights and without overburdening the body, you can achieve unbelievable success training 3 x a week for 10 minutes. Choose between different training programmes and reward yourself with a supple and firm body.

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Power Board 2.1 Vibrations Plate


Vibration training on the PowerBoard 2.1 by Casada with alternating movements that are adapted to the human anatomy stimulates the muscles being worked on in such a way that is easy on the joints. A stretch reflex is triggered in the muscles which lead to a contraction of the legs all the way up to the back. The number of reflexes per second varies depending on the frequency of the training. For example, at a frequency of 25 Hz per second up to 1500 contraction cycles in the muscles can be reached.

The PowerBoard 2.1 is equipped with a high-performance, stable motor. Aside from its diverse automatic
programmes, the PowerBoard 2.1 is equipped with a manual range that is very easy to adjust. Regardless of what level of fitness you have: Unfit, doing sport irregularly, doing sport regularly, or even a professional athlete; training is simple for EVERYONE and can be individually tailored to suit one’s own needs.

On the device’s digital display you can always see exactly which programme is activated, the duration of the training time and what the intensity of the training is. The transport rollers installed in the PowerBoard 2.1 ensure high mobility. The rollers also function as handles. The rubber supporting feet guarantee that the device has exceptional stability and optimum noise limitation due to the absorption of sound.

RECOMMENDED USAGE: 3 X a Week • 10 minutes a Day


Power Board 2.1 Vibrations Plate


Amplitude: +/– 9 mm  I Throw: 0-18 mm
Frequency: 5,6 – 13,6 Hz
Speed: Level 1-20
Max. Load: 150 kg if both feet are positioned
Product Dimension: 79 x 47 x 14.5 cm
Product Weight: 22 kg
Voltage:  AC 220 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption: Max. 250 watts under normal use

INSTRUCTION: For unilateral stress on the PowerBoard 2.1, please always stand centrally and with both feet on the device first, and then from there shift the weight outwards.


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