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Miniwell Twist

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5.00 out of 5


The Miniwell Twist can help you to create your wellness oasis in the comfort of your home. Just sit down and let it massage away all your everyday stress.

Its ergonomic curved shape snuggles up harmoniously to parts of the body like the Neck, Shoulders, Back, Feet and Stomach.

With its four optimally arranged massage heads, the Miniwell Twist massages with rhythmic circling movements in the desired area of your body. By stimulating circulation, your muscles will be warmed up, and tensions are gently released.

Miniwell Twist - Massage Pillow


Coming home has a whole new meaning with the Miniwell Twist. Take a seat in your feel-good oasis and have the stresses of everyday life gently and quickly massaged away. Regular massage with the Miniwell Twist stimulates the nerve pathways and activates the metabolism. Additionally, it also activates Circulation and releases stubborn tensions. It also prevents blockages and disorders of the internal organs.

It is easy to operate with an on / off switch. Yet, behind this simple handling, there is a complex device. It has four optimally aligned massage heads that work on the desired area with gentle rotations. The on / off switch also activates the deep heat function. This feature supplies muscles and tissues with soothing warmth. To turn off the process, you have to press the off button again. You can hold the button a little longer to switch it off completely.


After a lot of effort, it is often not easy for us to switch off and relax. There is nothing like an effective massage to relieve pent-up stress. As a massage cushion, the Miniwell Twist is particularly suitable for accomplishing this task. Due to its unique shape, it literally hugs your body.

The ergonomic design enables you to set the muscles of every region in pleasant vibrations. Neck, Shoulders, Back, Stomach, Legs or Feet – every part can benefit from the Miniwell Twist.

It is an effective and handy device to support your wellbeing. Thanks to its ideal size, the pillow can be easily transported anywhere. On the go or instead in the armchair at home – the Miniwell Twist will bring you moments of relief and relaxation.



The massage function of the Miniwell Twist is used for a relaxing Shiatsu / Kneading massage. This enormously effective practice gives the body relaxation and helps it to regenerate. Thus , this massage method combines the traditional knowledge of Far East medicine and modern massage therapy.

Shiatsu / Kneading – massage provides the body with relaxation, vitality, and regeneration. In addition, it has a calming effect on stress and increases a general feeling of well-being.

The positive influence of the massage on the body ranges from activating the metabolism, stimulating the blood circulation, and resolving deep hardenings.




Miniwell Twist - Massage Pillow


Product : Miniwell Twist
Measurement : 35 x 23 x 15 cm
Weight : 1.3 kg
Power Source : Input: AC 200 -240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.8 A ; Output: DC 12 VDC, 1600 mA
Rated power : 19.2 Watt
Certified By :  Casada Product Certification 2

Note: Please connect the adapter with the device and subsequently plug the power plug into the power socket. Now turn on the device by the control panel. With the car adapter the Miniwell Twist can also be used when travelling (not to be used when driving!). Simply plug the car adapter in the cigarette lighter.


Operating Instructions >>> Miniwell Twist

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  1. John McDonald
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Family always borrowing my miniwell so a second one purchased for Christmas, as a golfer it travels the world with me , worth its weight in gold.

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