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The MediPull is a unique fitness device that can be easily attached to train strength building or body toning with various methods.

This unprecedented fitness device offers a great alternative to free weights and is accessible to everyone, both beginners and professionals. So that you can adapt the MediPull to your personal fitness level, it has three different resistance levels .

For more individuality, the training exercises can be varied with the MediPull . In this way, all body groups can be trained, which can optimally promote strength building or pure toning.



Training with the MediPull requires no more than a little space and a smooth surface. Whether vertical or horizontal – as soon as the suction mechanism sticks to the right place, you can go about your training with confidence. For this, the MediPull has a sophisticated suction pump with suction attachment and a safety precaution.

In order to adjust the resistance as required, there is a setting button on the MediPull which can be used to regulate the three resistance levels. In this way, you can choose between 2.5 kg , 5 kg or 7.5 kg of traction between the training units , ideally directing your own workout.

How and where you train is entirely up to you. The MediPull gives you the opportunity to increase your fitness as you see fit. The training is possible at home, but also on vacation or on other trips and can be carried out in a variety of ways. The wide range of applications is one of the great strengths of the MediPull .

Even when sitting, exercises are possible to train targeted areas of the body. With the MediPull you strengthen your strength, flexibility and endurance. By continually repeating you increase the muscle activity and the fat burning of your body with the MediPull , the new fitness wonder from CASADA.



Product : MediPull
Pull Tension (N): Level 1 – 2.5 kg | Level 2 – 5.0 kg | Level 3 – 7.5 kg
Level Adjust : 3 Resistance levels
Product size(mm) : 130*120*275 (mm)
Net Weight/Gross Weight (kg) : 0.97 kg/1.29 kg
Rope Length: 1.9 m
Certified By : Casada certificates


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