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Hilton III


The invitingly soft Hilton III is an incredibly stable massage chair that really offers plenty of space for every body size. Its stunning design combined with the proven massage techniques and the grandiose braintronics® function make the Hilton III a masterpiece of relaxation technology.

The Hilton III continues the tradition of the CASADA massage chair in an excellent way. Its stable construction provides enough space for all body sizes and thus conveys a feeling of security and comfort. In order to relax extensively, the Hilton III masters numerous massage techniques and functions that make the armchair a real place to relax.

In addition, there is the unique braintronics® function, which makes it possible to unite body and mind in an incomparable way.


The design of the Hilton III is based on classic lines and supports the look of every interior with an individual material mix of PU leather and high-quality textiles. One of the special features of the Hilton III is its extremely comfortable shape.

With a seat of 53 cm and an inner shoulder area of ​​60 cm , all armchair users should have enough space to relax in a pleasant way. Finally, the particularly soft upholstery provides the finishing touch to round off the relaxation experience.


Equipped with the Hilton III remote control, hold all the trump cards in your hand to enjoy effective massage treatments. Thanks to its clarity, the remote control gives its user quick and precise handling. In order to relax extensively, the Hilton III masters numerous massage techniques and functions that make the armchair a real place to relax.

The seven automatic massage programs can be activated very easily and can be enhanced with switchable carbon infrared heat. Other programs offer a deeply relaxing massage session.


The Hilton III belongs to the elite circle of braintronics®- capable massage chairs from CASADA. Connected with the app, the sound of braintronics® and the massage of the Hilton III work in harmony, so as to bring mind and body to a common denominator.

Through the audio stimulation of the brain waves, braintronics® creates a refreshed and concentrated state of the mind, while the massage relaxes the body and helps it to stimulate blood circulation.

Its extremely comfortable shape, effective applications, countless, individually adjustable settings and the braintronics® function make the Hilton IIIa prime example of CASADA’s well-thought-out massage chair technology.

Once you have tried the Hilton III, you will immediately love the armchair and its functions and yearn for its incredible functions every day.

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Product : Hilton III
Dimensions Upright : 80 x 116 x 140 cm
Dimensions Lying: 80 x 88 x 173 cm
Weight : 86 kg
Voltage : AC 220 – 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Rated Power : max. 230 watts
Runtime : 15 minutes
Braintronics® : 21 minutes
Colors Available : Brown, Cream, Gray
Certified By: Casada certificates


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