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The Aura massage chair combines masterful massages with unsurpassed technology. Its equipment consists of a multitude of innovations, such as the 4D roller system, as well as supporting accessories, such as the LCD touchscreen remote control or the Bluetooth-enabled HD speakers.

From the ingenious 4D massage , which works more sensitively than ever before, to the optimized air pressure massages in the area of ​​the calf and foot, the Aura offers a full range of well-balanced massage treatment that will enchant you.

The built-in  braintronics® function ensures that not only the body but also the mind is rejuvenated to the fullest.

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Buy Aura Massage Chair - Top Rated, Zero Gravity Massage Chair


With the Aura massage chair you can transform your home into a top-class wellness spa. Refresh your body and mind in an effective way and experience new types of massage that will completely enchant you. From the ingenious 4D massage , which works more sensitively than ever before, to the optimized air pressure massages in the area of ​​the calf and foot, the Aura offers the full range of well-balanced massage techniques.

The armchair is supported by various functions and components that make relaxing even easier. The whole thing is topped only by the braintronics® Function that ensures that not only the body, but also the mind is given a fresh kick.


Wouldn’t you like to take a closer look at your desired Aura and how it looks in your home? You can use the website here to take a close look at the chair, turn it as you like and zoom in. You can use the VR function via your smartphone and place the chair in your apartment. Try it! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


AURA MASSAGE CHAIR WITH 4D ROLLER Buy Aura Massage Chair - Top Rated, Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Aura uses the 4D roller system , which works much like a thumb and a series of ankles when pressed against the body.

By using horizontal and vertical movements, the Aura of the massage gives a deeper rhythm and enables complete relaxation in your own home.

Another new special feature are the heated massage rollers , which give the application the feeling of a hot stone massage.  Compared to fixed heat pads, the sliding massage rollers have the advantage that they distribute the heat much more evenly.


CARTOGRAPHY OF YOUR BODYBuy Aura Massage Chair - Top Rated, Zero Gravity Massage Chair

In order to achieve an optimal massage experience, the Aura first scans your body. The armchair creates a “map” of the body in order to capture precisely the areas that require a certain massage pressure.

The shoulder height is also scanned and measured, but can also be corrected subsequently.

The same massage technology is used in the foot massage unit to achieve an incomparable massage result from head to toe, which can be completely adapted to the needs of your body size.




The Aura is characterized by its cutting-edge digital functions and a high degree of user-friendliness. The outstanding features include the slim LCD remote control , the USB port for charging phones and tablets, the Bluetooth-enabled HD speakers on the headrest and the legendary braintronics® technology that stimulates the mind with audio applications.

Combining all of this with his effective massage techniques leads to the conclusion that the Aura is the most complete luxury wellness package among the CASADA massage chairs.

>Click here for more information on Braintronics®




Buy Aura Massage Chair - Top Rated, Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Massage Techniques & Functions


Product : Aura Massage Chair
Measurements : Upright: 155(L) x 81(W) x1 22(H) cm I Reclined: 202(L) x 81 (W) x 119(H) cm
Weight : 111 kg
Max. Load : 120 kg
Rated Voltage : AC220-240V 50-60Hz
Nominal Power : 250 W
Runtime : 15 minutes
Braintronics : 21 minutes
Certified By : casada certified bt


Operating Instructions >>> Aura

7 reviews for Aura

  1. Claudia R

    I love my Aura massage chair !!! Yes, it is an investment and yes I hesitated for a long time before I decided to buy it! My concerns: “If after a few weeks I no longer like the massage chair or do not feel good, then we have such a” bulky and heavy box “at home.” But just the opposite is the case. I look forward to my break every day and enjoy every massage. Thank you very much for the top advice and the exceptional service, because the Casada team came home with their mobile showroom and introduced me to the various armchairs. I felt well advised and comfortable at all times. I would particularly like to mention Mr. Radtke, who answers all questions even after the purchase and is still available for my support. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  2. Alex Poon

    I bought this Casada aura massage chair is the best one I’ve ever experienced. It meets all I need. The sales Matthew who provided the wonderful service. He patiently answered me all the questions about the chair and taught me how to use it. Thanks so much. I would highly recommend this product

    • admin (store manager)

      Dear Alex, thank you so much for your review. We are glad to hear that you both got a great service and also the perfect chair. Wishing you the best of enjoyment and health with the Aura massage chair for years to come.
      Your Casada Team

  3. John

    I’ve owned this chair for some time now and use it regularly , it’s the perfect chair to relax after a busy day, 5 star 👍👍

  4. Andrian

    Lovely item. Good investment in your self

  5. RD

    Enjoying the aura massage chair and the colour. Hoping it proves a good investment!

  6. Orest zadorozny

    I was sceptical as I had seen the chairs advertised and thought the chair would help my pains but thought it was a gimmick, how wrong I was. Costco had a demonstration I just had to have a go, wow
    I just had to have one. As a norm I couldn’t sleep on my sides or back without pain, and when I’d get up, the pain. I kid you not, I now get a great night sleep due to the massage from my aura chair. The chair sells it self. Go on try one

  7. Steve

    Absolutely fantastic chair – have switched to this from a Betasonic, and the difference in incredible.

    Such a great team at Casada, from sales support to delivery and installation

    Highly recommend !

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