This is one of the most frequently asked questions – A massage provided by one of our massage chairs, massage cushions, foot massagers or any other massagers , massage tool is good for you because it helps you to get rid of your muscle pain, and it is great for relaxation. When you get a massage it gets rid of your knots and tensions, relaxes your stiff muscles and makes you more flexible. A massage will also increase your blood flow which makes you feel more energized

To keep your muscles relaxed and flexible, you should have a massage on a regular basis. To ensure that your muscles stay relaxed, it is recommended to have a short session of massage at least every other day.

Our products are recommended by professionals. We work with physiotherapists in London who use our products, like the Maxiwell massage cushion, in treatment on their patients, or who recommend them to use these products during the week until their next appointment.

Even though you are pregnant, you can have a massage. Please ensure that you do not massage your lower back and stomach. When you are pregnant, you can in general use our products and enjoy a massage for your neck, upper back, or legs but please consult with your doctor before use.

Arthritis is most common in the hands, knees, hips and feet. Some people also develop it in the back and neck. A massage can help to ease the pain in these areas and relax muscles that often go stiff through this condition. Customers who have used the Maxiwell often find that it relieves pain.

The main difference between a hands-on massage and a massage from one of our products is of course that it is not a real person massaging you. The kneading massage in our products however, is very close to real hands, which our customer testimonials can assure you of. A Casada product will benefit you in several ways, including that you can have a massage and spa experience at any time that suits you and the lifestyle you lead.

Please be advised that:

The massage treatment should not exceed 30 min. Please avoid massage directly on the spinal column.

If suffering from a medical condition, and in general before use, always consult a doctor before using any of our products.